16. Torino/Vercelli part 1


Cuneo to Vercelli via Torino 



Keenan was a bit hungry, as always. I ordered him a plate of spinach lasagna and told the waitress I wasn’t very hungry. She said how ’bout I make you up a plate with a few slices of meat on it. 


She was a real nice girl from the South. She poured both Keenan and I a glass of some great Italan liqueur with a kick as I payed the bill (no, he didn’t). Had we stayed in Torino, I think I would have made this home base for food. 

Goodbye Torino! Goodbye Spider-Man! Sorry it was so brief. I had heard it was a working class industrial city without quite the culture of Milan, but downtown was fantastic and I intend to return.


Vercelli, halfway between Turin and Milan: here was a bargain right along our route.

 Virginia and Massimo took a vacation to the U.S. and were smitten, especially with the South. pics of their place and town in next post.