Utah 2

first a couple more shots from Bryce Canyon:

No son, the Rocky Mountain Juniper is the one on the left. You’re looking at a Colorado Pinyon. Get it straight.

Owen is a good sport about me setting up these goofy travelogue photos.

Bryce Panorama

Owen looking a lot like his sister here. Now he’s the one that will not consent to a haircut. 15 yr. olds!

We spent the night down at Kanab, just north of the Arizona border. I’d promised the boys a proper meal at a restaurant, but it was too close to closing time so we settled for an old 50s style drive-in- the kind where they used to skate out to your table. There was an old crate full of coke bottles from the era when they used to re-use them, like they still do in Mexico and Costa Rica. (a propos- I recommend the Michael Keaton movie, The Founder- about Ray Crock and McDonalds; watched it with the boys.) All the wonderful, goofy milk shake flavors you get at these small-town drive ins, and what do the boys choose? chocolate and vanilla. You can take the Japanese out of Japan, but…

I thought our hotel was in the uninteresting part of town, and the only sensory enrichment would be the Book of Mormon in the drawer, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Swensen and their 19 kids (charming photo glued to inside cover), but in the morning we woke up and noticed the sweet view out the back window.

Off to Zion National Park!

One thought on “Utah 2

  1. Richard Shumway December 13, 2020 / 11:30 am

    You were in the heart of polygamy country! We saw loads of them shopping at the grocery store in St. George a couple years back. Straight out of Handmaid’s Tale.


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