Goodbye Montana

Our last weekend in Montana was busy.

Allen and Owen have shot all kinds of different guns by now, but before Sunday they still hadn’t shot the AR-15. Allen was really looking forward to this. Neighbor Arnie kindly brought us down to the range and we set up targets against the hill.

expert instruction

Saturday morning some local friends invited us to breakfast at their hilltop villa on the east side of the valley. Allen looking for the best vista.

Sunday Owen and I made sure we didn’t miss our last pick-up soccer opportunity at Hamilton High. As Owen was putting his cleats on, I said, “Listen O., this is our last game on the trip. Let’s not get injured, OK?”


It was a good crowd; no slouches. We took advantage of our extra man and really made the other team work. I was having perhaps my best day of the year. Owen and I were making lots of passes to each other, and it’s easy to be accurate on the turf. Owen found me open in the middle and I put one in with the left foot for one of my two goals. Later he made another pass under pressure and I raced to trap it and take it to the goal from the right side. The ball bounced high and I made an awkward plant with my right foot to raise my left to block the ball. Artificial turf just grabs your foot and doesn’t give at all. My foot got locked in place and my body went tumbling over. A spasm of pain hit me and I went down, rolling and grimacing just like the Argentinians and Italians do when they ‘dive’ (fake a foul). I was lying flat looking up at the sky, thinking how blessed I was to survive without injuries through summer and fall, being able to play with my son, and then these five little kids in their winter parkas came up. They were between 2 and 8 yrs. old. “Are you OK? Our mom saw you and asked us to come see you need help.”

I said I’d be OK and off they ran.

I spent the rest of the evening in the car, keeping my sprained ankle warm and watching Owen play 5 on 5 without me.

our fantastic hosts Bob and Barbara- all my weight on the left leg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_8212-1.jpg

Goodbye Montana; we’ll miss views like this.

Last photo in Montana- at the Lost Trail ski area, which sits astride the Montana/Idaho border on US93.

Tonight’s destination, Idaho Falls via Salmon.

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