Helena, part 2

just some pics from our trip to Helena, after our visit to the capitol

The part of town with the famous cathedral is full of old houses, tree-lined streets and churches.

This building was first a synagogue, then property of the city, then the Catholic church bought it; it’s right across the street from the cathedral
The pastor at the Presbyterian church is a fan of heartwarming cliches.
This building went from church to apartment building, according to the next door neighbors- though they weren’t sure. It’s still kept in spiffy order, with fresh, red paint. But why are the windows painted over?
Ol’ Morris knew how to live.
all are welcome!
The Cathedral of Helena. Not a place for t-shirts and spandex.

We wanted to go inside and see the stained glass with the afternoon sun shining through, but mass was just starting. Lots of friendly-looking folks passed us on the way in- and they were all well-dressed, like churchgoers in days of yore.

Allen with SE-facing view of Helena and valley

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