Helena, part 1

Owen had a soccer game in Helena last Saturday.

seems the sky often looks like this on the eastern side of the continental divide (click for big)

This was a rematch against the team that clobbered us 14-1 in our very first game. We weren’t looking for a win- just something respectable. The first ten minutes were exciting as we kept it to a draw and had just as many scoring opportunities as Helena. The parents along the sidelines sat up straighter and paid attention- “hey, just maybe….” and in fact, the first solid shot on goal was by the Hawks: Owen blasted a right-footer under heavy coverage at 22 yards and it just missed, hitting the right post. O later told me he forgot to compensate for the wind.

Our hopes were dashed soon after when the Helena big boys dismantled our defense and converted on an easy opportunity from 15 yards. The rest of the game they dominated again, but we kept it respectable. Unlike the hot day back in August, playing 9 a side on the slow, tall-grass pitch, today was nice and cool, 11 a side, on a harder, fast field. Coach kept subbing in fresh legs and with Jason and the rest of our defense stymieing many Helena advances, we held them to 5 points. Trouble was, we rarely got the ball up to our forward line and then Owen and the wingers had to get it by the impenetrable wall- 3 defenders of average height 6’1″. O managed to put one in, however. Our forward line pressured their defenders enough to force a poorly placed/timed ball and O ran in for the easy gimme. Final score, 5-1.

After the game we drove out east to Canyon Ferry Lake.

After lunch we went to the Capitol.

Now son, you’re gonna have a little civics lesson here whether you like it or not!
Thomas Francis Meagher statue

Meagher was an Irish rebel, captured, tried and sentenced to hang, but managed to be sent to Australia instead. Escaped and found his way to New York. Formed an Irish brigade in the civil was and rose to rank of General. The flip side to this illustrious bio is that he organized a militia to subdue the uppity local Indian tribes in Montana, upset somehow about losing a few acres of land. The militia never got around to fighting Indians in the General’s time. Still, it’s the thought that counts- sorry General, that’s gonna cost you your statue in this day and age.

do you see any gallant union soldiers on horseback in those blueprints? neither do I

Fox News will be around to cover the unveiling of the tribal flags and demolition of the General’s statue- or will it be ABC news?

Why are ABC and FOX on the same car? Silly, they all work together- and you thought there was a difference!



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