hbd boys

Today is O and A’s birthday! It’s a cool, but clear and beautiful day in the Bitterroot.


  (click for bigger)

Yes, that’s a good dusting of snow up there. Farther up the canyons, and down by the mountains that flank the south end of Lake Como, it was more than a dusting; more like a dumping. It was cold enough last night to fire up the wood stove. 

Yesterday afternoon, after the morning storm. Winds were strong- a tree fell on a powerline and we were without power for a while. 

Allen and I went out to pick up some fried chicken at the store.

Hunkering down with kitty.

expressions of pure joy\

Without their big brother, sister and mom around, and the regular blueberry cheesecake that we order from our favorite pastry shop, I thought the boys might need a little birthday pick-me-up. I got them some chips, and the perfect Montana gift: new work gloves!



Next: back to work after all the birthday nonsense.

One thought on “hbd boys

  1. Anonymous September 9, 2020 / 8:33 am

    It’s remarkable how a simple pair of work gloves can turn into an amazing birthday present with a little imagination … on the giver’s part. Allen’s expression is priceless. Owen, overwhelmed by emotion, looks down. Ah, the stories they will tell Dan’s grandchildren about gratitude for the new toothbrushes and school supplies they give their own kids!

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