Goodbye Hamilton

Sniffle… Actually, we’ll be pretty close- right up the road in Victor for a couple weeks. Close enough to come down and shop at the Hamilton IGA, our favorite store, or play at the municipal tennis courts. Still, I’ll miss being just a few blocks from downtown and having those beautiful, leafy streets all around. 




When Charlie and Richard were here, we went down to Napp’s for a burger. At the intersection I asked them, “Hey, have you guys seen ‘Stay Safe’ yet? It’s really good.” 

-No, we haven’t seen it.

-It’s still playing in town here. Check it out! 

I had them bamboozled for at least 3/4 of a second. 

We won’t have to come all the way to Hamilton for Owen’s soccer practices, which are in Corvallis (heart of the valley). And we’ll be much closer to the games up in Stevensville. 

A quiet Corvallis evening at practice’s end. The good ol’ 反省会 (hanseikai- evaluation meeting), where you discuss the practice and what sort of things need to be improved- Owen is a pro at sitting through these- the 10-minute American version is a snap.

Why a picture of soda pop? Because of the bubbling, spitting, effervescent beauty of it. And since Richard brought bags of goodies from Uwajimaya that included green tea and barley packets, it’s so long to soda pop, public-enemy #1 in America, health-wise. Sooo good, though, especially in summer. 

See ya, Hamilton kids. Owen and I will pop by for a lemonade after tennis one of these days. Hope you’re still out!

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