Pretty sure I’m on a list

Has anyone here had to go through the security warning crap before being able to access this site? I’m forced to click a few extra links (this site is potential poison, click here if you really want to take the risk, etc.) sometimes to access an apolitical website for children’s book junk and a blog where my family and friends can see what I and my kids are up to. Maybe all kind of viewers avoid this site for fear of being put on the TSA watchlist. Without the blocking, I coulda been a contenda in the children’s book world!

I only partially jest. Look at what Amazon does to me. So far, I’ve had 15 reviews on Amazon for my book, The Letter Thief. Every single one is a five-star review. Now, my average star rating is down because 37% of reviews are 3 star reviews. Huh? Since when? Now, here is what you get on Amazon for The Letter Thief:

Sensitive guy I am, I want to find out what exactly makes my magnum opus a mediocre book, in the minds of some unappreciative readers, who now constitute over 1/3 of my reviews. So I click the 3-star reviews to see what these yahoos are saying, and…

Voila! Look at the bottom. No reviews match your current selections, i.e.- no 3-star reviews. Nevertheless, I’ve gone from 100% 5-star to 63%.

Scary warnings about my innocent little site; mediocre reviews that actually don’t exist; gmail mixing up my mails (mail that doesn’t come to inbox; mail I may never see because the sender is mismatched with the subject and the content, etc.). WordPress/Amazon/Google- all part of the BigTech Cabal.

I gotta be on a list. May as well go full Braveheart now. FREEDOOOOOOOM!

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