même randonnée, même punition

With brother and cousin in town, what better thing to do on a fine, early September morning than take a hike? As I’ve mentioned, there are tons of good hikes here in the Bitterroot; each canyon has a creek, a trail, great views, and often some waterfalls and a lake. We could have tried a new one, but I figured we’d return to the Canyon Creek hike. The trailhead is very near the B&B Richard and Charlie were staying at, and I had a great time on this hike with the boys back in July. Click here for pictures of that hike- I didn’t take so many this time.

(click photos for bigger picture)

If it’s hidden or camoflauged, I depend on Allen to spot interesting stuff- but this guy stood right out and I saw him first.


One thing I forgot was how tough a hike it is. Ten miles out and back is not exactly daunting, but the last mile on this hike is a bugger- straight up on big, stone slabs or loose rock and thick brush.

When we got to the lake, there were construction sounds coming from the dam. Workmen had set up there with a camp, portable toilet, mess hall, heavy equipment (helicoptered in), a sentry dog (to warn of bears?) and everything. Richard said, “What’s for lunch?” and the lone guy in the camp said we just missed Reuben sandwiches.

The wind was whistling and blowing straight at us across the lake. It had an early-fall chill to it so we found a place sheltered from the gusts and enjoyed lunch- best PBJ I’ve ever had, and the boys wolfed down their PBBs. Charlie and Allen had been keen to take a swim but the lake was much less inviting this time, with the cold wind and super-low shoreline. We took a short nap instead and headed back down.

After the hike we rendezvoused at Richard’s B&B for an outdoor spaghetti feast. Charlie’s honey came down to join us from UM at Missoula. Altogether a great way to spend a late-summer day!

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