workin’ on my country drawl

Sorry friends, but no photos for a few days. Wifi here in hill country is spotty, so I’ll just post a few words about our second workaway here in western Montana.

We are somewhere between Hamilton, MT and Salmon, Idaho. Passed through Darby to get here; the boys liked that, as it looks like an old west town.

Our generous host is letting us stay in the master suite that she rents out to air bnb guests, as we are the only workawayers here at present. Normally, the workers get the trailer out back. There’s a nice creek running right through the property. Cross the creek and you get to the barn and goat corral.

Today the boys learned how to milk a goat, drive a four-wheeler buggy, and fire a pellet gun. We did some general cleaning and are building fencing around the garden.

You get a nice mountain breeze coming into the room at night, the stars are bright as we’re in a valley with no lights from city or town, and the soothing sound of the creek outside lulls you to sleep. Days are warm and nights are cool. The food is good and the boys are loving it. I’ll take pictures of the place and put them up in about a week.

2 thoughts on “workin’ on my country drawl

  1. satwai May 31, 2020 / 2:35 pm

    Send me the address and cost of the Airbnb, Dan. Sounds like somewhere I’d like to stay! (Unless there are lots of mosquitoes.)

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    • DW Shumway June 1, 2020 / 6:04 pm

      Hey Satwai,
      Yes, as Earl says, in his East New Mexico, West Texas drawl, “We like ta think we got a little slice o’ heaven out here.”
      If I get crackin on this blog, I’ll tell lots more about our time here in Montana. The thing is, we’re pretty busy every day (in a good way).

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