Short Hike

Go south on the 93 and turn toward the hills to the west at Hamilton and you drive a couple miles to the Canyon Creek trail. We didn’t have time to do the 5 mile hike to Canyon Lake so we just did the 1.5 mile route up the ridge, which offers a great view to the east of the Bitterroot Valley at Hamilton, and the Canyon on the west side.

I call this Triple Half Dome Canyon
Good cracker!
This guy got Allen on the neck. Tick?
Heading back down after lunch on the summit
Looking down into Hamilton
This rock was sparkling with some kind of fools gold in them thar hills.
Rube Goldberg Contraptionland

I thought they were extracting oil with novel pumping systems, but the farmer on the tractor said, “Nah, it’s just art.” The big wheel turned on just a trickle of water.

Much to Allen’s chagrin, we found this place on a Tuesday.
Trevor’s artistic vase and flower arrangement. Lupine and sea shells.

Hey y’all. Thanks for reading the blog. Today we are heading to our 2nd workaway location. The wifi is very spotty so probably won’t be putting up a post until we get back to the Hollingsworth’s next week.

If I manage a post it will just be text only. Otherwise, check back on June 4th for an update.


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