What’s goin’ on here, anyway?

Workaway is a system where tens of thousands of hosts around the world offer food and lodging at their homes, farms, B&Bs, etc. in exchange for work. The idea is, you start in the morning and put in 4 or 5 hours, Monday thru Friday, and you get the late afternoon, evening and weekends off, plus room and board.

I figure that on the guest side of the equation, it’s mainly for young folks looking to travel the world on the cheap. Recent college grads and such. Nevertheless, I signed up and sent out a few inquiries. You can narrow your search to families who don’t mind you coming with kids. The Hollingsworths, of Victor, Montana, responded and said we’d be most welcome. Now we’ve been here a number of days and they are indeed super-welcoming hosts.

The approach to our first homestay, in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana

The East side of the Bitterroot has gentle, sloping hills that lead to higher mountains, like the foothills of the alps. Our side, the west, has deeper, steeper canyons that are wooded, or rocky, and rough. Each canyon has a creek and a hiking trail. The hike a few days ago was in the nearest canyon- trailhead is about 5 minutes from the house.

Rancho Hollingsworth

Right now we’re just doing odd jobs like cutting wood and cleaning windows, and I’m doing some educational stuff with the kids. Everyone’s getting along pretty good, and Finn, the dog, is super-happy with people all over the place.

Next: some photos of Rancho Hollingsworth life, and the pets

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