museum visit

Fumie said, “Owen and Allen finally finally got art projects chosen for display.”


-Yeah, Una used to get her stuff put up all the time, but this is the first time the boys were selected. You better get down to the art museum tomorrow if you want to see it.

So I did. We had a Tuesday off at work, so there were few patrons at the museum. Paying adult patrons, anyway. Three classrooms worth of 2nd graders came in, however.

Here’s a sampling of some of the jr. high art on display (click the pic for larger view):



mochi art




wood carving and decals/trade marks



abstract and creative kanji


Nakagori jr. high display 1. Allen’s is bottom row, 3rd from right. Owen’s is bottom row, far right. Allen’s is about the dangers of internet access on iphones (caption, “They’re looking for you!”), and Owen’s is the admonition, “Don’t run for the train!”



self-portraits and potato chip bag design (Nakagori display 2)



architecture and silhouett





The local critics.


The pond in front of the art museum.