36. Summer Europe Trip: The End

There is not much to report about our final two days in Holland. We got an afternoon train in Osnabruck and arrived at Amsterdam Centraal at about 5 pm. Then we crossed the canal and walked the path we’d bicycled on almost three weeks earlier back to the Weeda’s home, where we ended the first leg of our trip.

 Another wet day in Holland!

Mr. Weeda had some free time so he took us for a drive while it was still light. The countryside across the canal and in the northern limits of Amsterdam is beautiful, mostly farmland dotted with small towns and age-old churches in bucolic settings. Weeda was a bit of an F-1 wannabee along the narrow roads up here, and Keenan got carsick and had to get out and get some fresh air, in the rain along a path that bordered a north-sea lagoon. 

When we got home, Mrs. Weeda had a great goulash ready for us, and some choice Dutch beer. 

Thank you Weeda’s for two great, “last nights” in Holland. 


Well, that’s it. The next day was rainy again. We had another great breakfast at the Weeda’s, and off we went, back through the park (and among the schoolchildren on bicycles) to the little ferry, over to Amsterdam Centraal. 

At a station supermarket, I picked up some blocks of Gouda and Edam to stuff in our bags, thus avoiding the 3x mark-up at the airport. 

After our short hop to Helsinki, we got lucky and were bumped up to business on an overbooked flight. My air-travel suggestion, when traveling together: don’t reserve your seat when you have a connecting flight and just wait and see where the airline puts you. Here’s my unconfirmed theory- if they can’t sit you together in economy, or economy fills up before they find you seats, you might get bumped to business.  The downside, which will break the deal for most of you, is that you also might get unlucky and end up in two middle row seats, stuck between the overweight sumo wrestler on one side and the hacking, sneezing, tubercular wretch on the other. 

These seat were the adjustable bed/entertainent center units I’d always peeked at getting on planes but never experienced for myself. If you told me it was first class I would have said of course it is. 

Keenan was in hog-fanta heaven- it was a 10 hour movie fest. 


When we arrived in Nagoya we picked up the car in the long term lot and drove right over to the Costco across the bay. I picked up a couple pairs of 19 dollar slacks for work, a couple bags of Belgian chocolate for gifts, and we wolfed on American food- greasy pepperoni pizza and big hot dogs- ahh, back in Japan!


Hope you enjoyed the blog!





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