31. Scuol

The next day we got up and traversed over to Scuol, up the Inn Valley but lower in elevation than Sent. 

This is a powerplant below Scuol. Note the large holding pond. At night, when less power is needed, they use the excess energy to pump the water in the pond back up the valley, so it can run through the turbins again the next day.

In the village of Scuol.  Remember, there are four official languages in Switzerland. We happened to be in the far east of the country, where the Romansch language is still hanging on among less than 1% of the Swiss population. Our host, Johnny, was born here, but left when he was young to the German speaking region. Our other host was Johnny’s wife, Sophie, a South African/Dutch who could speak Romansch, fluent English and just about everything else. Johnny said his son, an aspiring hockey star or future carpenter, was more fluent in Romansch than he, and he (the son) was very patriotic and sympathetic to the cause of the Romansch people, and always spoke Romansch to his girlfriend a couple valleys over.

Sorry, no Romansch option on google translate, but they did have this explanatory sign up, in German and Romansch, which served as a Rosetta Stone for our Romansch studies later that evening.

 The German text reads (straight from Google),PREPARES it once joy, to remember MAYBE m 1696 were Tomas Hainrich and his sons Joan and Gallus build this house.  The coat of arms and the inscription bear witness to this.  It is a plant of rare consistency and with more original facades.  The facilities Interior is unique and has undergone a few changes.  The beautiful outstanding oven corresponds to the former construction.  Thus saving space in the kitchen, the fire was lower.  Such ovens were common in the Engadine.

Allegra! is the word you use to greet people. It seemed a bit all-purpose, like “servus” in Tyrol, or “aloha” in Hawaii. Bogn means bath and this was the local spa.

Here Keenan gets a drink from the local fount. One spigot is regular mountain water and the other is gaseous spring water with high mineral content, warmer and not so tasty but healthier we presumed.

I can almost understand this. Any ideas?

Today, lunch on the riverside. Our standard fare by now- cheese on chips, fruit, drink, and in this case, chocolate. Today’s cheese, a nice, swiss Gruyere.

Another picture where you set the camera to color saturation. They are a bit phony with the over-colorization, but I really like ’em. The feature gives the pictures a 1960s postcard look to them.

Often on this trip the thought in my mind was, “Hmm. Shouldn’t have tried to hit so many towns and just settle in one spot for longer, so we could do some high-alpine hiking.”

After a day walking/hiking around Scuol, we took the bus back up to Sent.

Here was the local Irish pub. Run by a local woman who some claim doesn’t much like outsiders, least of all the Irish.

There was still plenty of light to have a rest out on the patio and enjoy the view.   

Goofing around after dinner in the living room.

Next: We leave the Engadin Valley and travel into German Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “31. Scuol

  1. satwai November 6, 2015 / 11:41 pm

    Drove myself crazy trying to read the Romansch, but not quiiiiite. I think I coulda, if only I knew what giasts were!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Easter May 14, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    Awesome you should think of sohimteng like that


  3. autokredit rechner August 29, 2017 / 1:25 am

    Seems like the ending they should have made in the first place. Very democratic situation: Bioware did a bad job on the ending, public let them know and they responded. They’ll be studying this situation in “gamer school” for years…


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