30. To Switzerland

 The next morning we took a little walk around town in Nauders.  Then we got our lunch at the supermarket and grabbed the bus into Switzerland.  Little hotel with a rock-climbing wall    

 Bus schedule from Landeck to Swiss towns.


 Goodbye, Austria.


 The bus went up the hill out of Nauders and then down a steep hill into the Engadin valley.

 When we arrived in Switzerland we had to change buses.  There were only one or two buses per day to the little village of Sent so we had to go Scuol and backtrack on another bus.

Sent is a beautiful, old town on a hillside up from the Inn River.  The Swiss like to let you know how old the houses are, especially these big mountain houses and ours had a sign that said 1550 or thereabouts.


 All three of our homestays in Switzerland will be at Friends of the Bicycle homes. Here’s Johnny, our great host in Sent, who gave us a tour of the town right after we arrived. 

 Swiss fire hydrant.   

Italian woodchopping machine.

Johnny told us a little about the history of Sent and the Lower Engadin Valley. This was once a poor region, with farming being the only means of making a living. The land could only provide so many jobs, so local boys with bigger dreams left for other parts of Europe, like Italy, Germany, and the the Low Countries. Being Swiss, they worked their tails off and returned wealthy. Then these nouveau-riche dandies built great houses, strutted around in thier tailored suits, had their pick of the local girls and raised big families with all that foreign-earned loot. Often the houses they built resembled the styles of their adopted countries. 

 German style turrets.


 Johnny said this was the epitome of the “Local boy makes good” house. The family here are descendents of a guy who studied law and had a succesful practice in Italy. You’ll want to avoid misunderstandings with these folks. 


 above Sent


After our tour, we took it easy for a while back home. These were the coolest lodgings yet on our trip. Keenan and I had the whole downstairs to ourselves, with three bedrooms, two toilets, a nice kitchen and a big living room, it was an area that could accomodate a dozen people easily.  The best part was the patio out back.


The cats loved hiding in the bushes.     This guy sneaked inside and hid under the blankets.      In Sent, we cooked our own meals.    This beer was only 85 cents (about $0.90 US) a pint. 


After dinner we played with the cats a while and then turned in.  

next: Wanderin around Scuol




3 thoughts on “30. To Switzerland

  1. satwai October 23, 2015 / 2:15 am

    So you only have to be a friend of a bicycle then … you don’t have to actually be related to one … to lodge in one of these cool places? You don’t even have to bring your friend with you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandy May 14, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    Thanks for cougbirntint. It’s helped me understand the issues.


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