29. Follow the Inn

Our route from Verona, current position, and intended destination in Switzerland. 

We said goodbye to Walter and Klaus and took our time leaving Alpbach. The weather was great so we decided to take a dip in the Brixlegg public pool before getting on the train. I was stung by a bee in this pool!


The train followed th Inn river. This is the mountain that overlooks the site of the Bilderberg, 2015 meeting. Here is it from another angle one year ago.


At Landeck you get off the train and grab a bus to continue following the Inn, up another valley to the South.   Last stop in Austria is the skiing village of Nauders. Another high alpine town I would have loved to explore.

We hadn’t arranged lodging. I figured we’d just walk around town and look for the zimmer frei (room available) signs on the side of the private homes that used to be ubiquitous around Austria. I didn’t see any at the beginning of my search around town and asked a lady who ran a pension what was up. “Oh, nobody uses that system anymore.”

I figured with smart phones, people everywhere make arrangements before they arrive in town now.

Luckily there was a tourist office, closed but with a room finding system that showed you a map. The second place I called had a good setup. 

We found our place and took a walk around town. Actually our pension and lots of other places still had the green and red “room available/room full” signs.

Good peaks for hiking and the Impreis supermarket in Nauders. Stock up here before you head into $witzerland!

“We do what we’re.”  

The high off the hog living was over. Our bon vivant German friends were no longer with us so it was back to bargain eating!  

Next: Lower Engadine Valley in Switzerland

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