27. Alpbach

What can I say about our experience in Alpbach? The next two days we woke up, had a big breakfast downstairs, went on a long hike, ate a store-bought lunch on the mountain, came home and rendezvoused with Walter and Klaus for dinner.

funeral in town



 Alpbach bakery. It’s great to wake up in an Austrian inn and know you have a hearty breakfast waiting for you downstairs. The downside is that after all those rolls with cheese and wurst, local jams, yogurt with muesli, fruit, egg, coffee, there is no more room, so you have to pass on the bakeries, with all the fresh bread, rolls, and strudel.



 hay bales      


     back on the gondola. we waited for a few to pass so keech could ride the blue one



 just as Keenan started up this steep part, a guy passing us going the other way said, in German, “You don’t have to take the steep route. Go to the left and there is an easier trail.”

I told Keenan that but he was already halfway up, and would have chosen the scramble anyway.



There wasn’t much wind this day, so when Keenan reached this peak, rather than taking in the view he spent the time swatting flies.


 Still swatting flies



 Horsepoo Ridge



The hills are alive…with the sound of thunder. 



The rumble of thunder was everywhere but directly above us. One quick photo and then we’d better get off the ridge.




 No retouching here


 Cue angel voices





One of Alpbach’s claim to fame is being home to the world’s longest cow.





This is The Path of Reflection, which ran parallel to a little stream just down from our hotel.


Of course I had to pose like this and mock the new-ageyness of it all. But later that night, at dinner, Walter frowned on my mockery and said, “The path is a good thing. We need to stop and meditate and reflect in this modern industrial world.”

Fair enough.



   K. feeling the vibe.

    Must take photo of all hotels and inns named Edelweiss, as per my Austria rules.


That night, dinner again with Walt and Klaus, who had a nice round of golf at the Achensee.

next: another good climb


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